we are here to walk each other home 

I believe art and culture are our most important tools to develop conciousness. As such, they are always reflecting on, and interacting with the time and space of their creation. Today we are facing, the human struggle with the contradiction between monotheistic believe systems in a world of multiple perspectives. This leads us to a constant separation of the concepts that effect our thinking on one hand, and our experiences in everyday life on the other hand, and it leads to a separation of spiritual and profan life. 
All the human fights of our days are in the end fights with the contratictions within this paradoxon:the obuse of nature, the imbalanced social structures, the religious and territorial fights, as well as deep psycological conflicts, all emerge from this global human confusion.
The spiritual source of all different concepts and belief systems lays in the cosmological order we are connected with every aspect of our bodymind. This is why vedic traditions in India as well as shamanic ones in south and central america where speaking of 7 physical centers, that are as well centers of our psychological and mental states. The monotheistic believe systems share the genesis with 7 days of creation and the seven seals that are opened in the Apocalypse as a revelation- maybe just to realize that we have 2 more centers - beyond our physical ones.
The experienced unity of multidimensionality, which can never be understood theoretically, as a thought and the subject of a thought is already a duality.
It can be experienced only with all of our being: our physical, mental and emotional abilities as the the unity of diversity.

elating, bonding and love.
As an experience of non-hierarchical leadership, where everyone is gide and gided in the same time. Only determined by the strenght of the own engagement.
Seven Seals trigger a multimedial, multidimensional, interactive, international and integrating piece of art, that is created in a unity of artist and audience, in a continious flow and in a situation where the audience is not outside the artwork, but moving towards it, in the same time creating and observing communicating with the present particioners as well as the past and future ones.
Seven Seals is Performance Theater, that unites Audience and Artist in a Journey through 7 Rooms.
The artists had no rehearsal, but Solo performances and participation in the development of the concept Seven Seals.
 All choreographies and performances are about the topic relating, bonding, uniting. exploring the unity of deversity

In every Room we receive letters- personal stories I collected, by spreading private questions- on the topic of love and relating on 7 different levels from existential to cosmic.
The questions l gave out as letters via internet or on different solo performances and collected the anonymous answers.
During the Seven Seals journey, most of the letters speak only to the receiver.
A new text- created of all the picked letters, as concrete poetry in the following manner:
using only the first words in the first room, the second words of in the second room and so on -
will be spoken out loud in each room.
all artists are tour Gide’s. A chain of lights shows you who to follow
and a “Menu” for every Room on a blackboard helps the guides.
Every room represents a special part of the body, from lower body to above the head
and different senses, colors and vocals.
A structure for a group piece that operates mainly with improvisation is the circle;
that includes  everybody (artists and audience) and exercises we do together, to activate the energies for the different body centers and chant the different vocals
to vibrate in a cosmic octave in the end.
The circle is homage to West Africa, where I discovered a culture and art,  that is emphasizing on unity and a group experience.
In western societies, we believe Individuality in art is something you need to gain in separation and competition.
But we like to show that the Individuality of everybody
can actually be supported in a group.
Performance Theater is not about showing something, it is about going through something!
Every Performance will be different-nothing is pre-rehearsed..
It starts at the very moment, the self, the here and now.
But it is spread out in time and space through the anonymous letters

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photography by Martin Liebermann

artists and audience travel togeter trough seven spaces with colour and sound of rising frequencys by going seven times through a seven meter long tunnel into a space with changing videoprojections.
The full  project, is a series of 21 performances.

Three times seven.
The project started in 2013 in Berlin
The first seven took place in Berlin gallery art.endart and Uferhallen with fellow artists of different media and audience.
Seven Times in Berlin
as part of Kunstraum Wedding Projectspaces
Starting 2013 at Uferhallen Kantine
and continioued at art. endart projectspace

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photography by Matthias Hoff

In the second stage l travelled the world with the props, the tunnel and the input of the former travelers and realized  the performance after a short intoductive workshop, focused on movement meditations.
Every performance is a trip of several hours and a meditative pilgrims journey
We all go together, but everybody also has its own internal trip and gets personal letterst from former performers in every space.
Every performance is different depending on the participants and follows a simple struckture inspired by the  philosophy of the chakras..
We unite in movement and sound.
Part TWO
La Gomera - Holy Tree Festival
Portugal - Nazaré Karneval
Indonesien   - Gili Air Flow Temple
New zeeland - Prana Festival
- Kookabara
Lithuania    -Yaga gathering
Preddöhl - New Healing Festival

is jet to come! I dream it will 
be part of Salzkammergut
Kulturhauptstadt Europa
in a castle by the lake

Participating Artists so far
Malou Shyns-Dance Performance
Vinzenz Fengler – Poet, Photographie, Performer
Maximillian Igbon – Poet, Singer Songwriter, Performer
Katia Keya Richter- Choreographie
Esther Zimmering- Actress, Performance
Denize Swan- Musicproducer, Performance
Zidan Muhannad- Firepainting, Performance
Sasha Pavic- Dance, Performance
Daniel Ferrá Velasques-Performance, Designer
Tatiana Nekrasov-Actress, Performance

Lothar Ehlert-Slideguitar-Soundengeneer
Andre Schneider-Poet, Actor, Filmmaker
Marendo Müller-Painting
Hunter Lee-Dance, Performance
Dieter Irber-Musiker, Performance
San Jay-Yoga,Contactimprovisation
Hunter Lee-Tanz, Performance
Hannes Liebmann- Actor, Performance
Tim Peltner- Actor, Performer
Ronald Steckel- Composer, Soundscapes
Luciana Viale- Stagedesign, Objects
Zigi Wiz-Video, Musikproduction
Nadav Yama-Video, SingerSongwriter
Jonny Kreuter-Countertenor, Performance
Barnim Schulze- Akashaprojekt, Musiker
Moskowfish- Musik, Singer, Soundmasterting
Peter Pannke- Storieteller, Musician
Gerhard Ueberle- Viola, Musician, Performer
Sabia Kahn-Performance, Painting
Chris Zippel-Musicproducer, DJ
Tobias Fritsch-Dance and Live-art
Stefan Kalweit-CameraMichael Krüger- Camera
Matthias von Hoff -Camera
Lui Simmer-Camera
Zohar Weissmann- Music

On the most simple set up, I was even running the projections and soundscape allone and only need an AP as l tour with the 7 meter tunnel from power stretch, 2 laptops and my small projector.-Anyway it is much nicer to have another projector and coloured lights as well as somebody to operate them 3 times already
Barnim Schulze from Akasha project did a life concert through the cosmic octave with the performance, wich was amazing.The space should be big enaugh for at least 21 moving people and a 7 meter long tunnel. It can be outside if it is unlikely to rain