where art is the only language we share-what can we say?
movie about the intercultural art-project ONEA(D)OTHER
86min  colour Stereo englisch/ bambara/ french

signed by Barbara Kowa
€ 25,-euro + shipping within 2 weeks: kowa@barbarakowa.de

– for those who really like to support the project
and like to have a real piece of handmade african steel
there is a limited Edition DREAMING MALI of 15:
including 10 handmade and signed artists photo prints.
examples of rich metal stones from diola fondo and self reduced steel
as well as the signed DVD.
for further informations please contact : kowa@barbarakowa.de

Mao+ Tao
Whatever happened to wu wai in the worlds most booming industry?
signed by  Barbara Kowa
€ 25,-euro + shipping within 2 weeks: kowa@barbarakowa.de

V.U.P. very unimportant person
shortfilm on the live-art performance during the berlinale
exploring why we need identification, seperation and projection. German/english with english subtitles.
also check

access data: 7,-€



-CD Gertrud von den Brinken
1 stündiges Audio-Feature über Leben und Werk der baltischen Dichterin
produziert und gelesen von ihrer Enkelin Barbara Kowa mit Leporello signiert
10,-€ + Versandgebühren

Audio-Feature in German language only! contact:kowa@barbarakowa.de