Hier sind Fotos die andere Künstler, während einer Performance oder in Vorbereitung, von mir gemacht haben.
These are photos that other artists made during a performance or in preparation for my performative work.

SUNGATE Art Park Marzona 2020
FAMILY TREE one year durational 2020

DECONSTRUCTING AVE MARIA photo Jens Watzl   THE ICONIC TURN  Riga Performance festival 2019 photos Anna Maskava

 I COUNT ON YOU with Ely Daou at Riga Performance Festival Startelpa 2018 photos by Anna Maskava

PEAU, COEUR ET CERVEAU  in collaboration with Ely Daou at ACTION HYBRID PARIS 2018 photos: Pascaline Rey

 THE CALCULATING MIND six weeks living installation within the exhibition UNTIL DEATH DO US PART 2018

  preparing for THE CALCULATING MIND CAN NOT BE TRUSTED photos by Jörg Reichardt 2017

Photo by Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith www.dagmar-glausnitzer- during the weekend of performance art berlin 2017 curated by her
BLOOD IN BREATH at weekend of performance art Berlin 2017, with Collin Edina, 3h durational

PERIPHERIE WITHOUT CENTER at gr_und opening Berlin 2016,with Allessio Cannizzo, pics: Collin Edina, 3h durational

SEEDS AND EGGS open-air-art-museum Pêdvàle, Lithuania 2016, pics: Erika Schmied, durational

SEVEN SEALS new healing festival Preddöhl, Germany 2015, pics: Martin Liebermann, 5h durational

Photo by Biljana Bosnjakovic multimedia Artist
SKIN `weekend of performance art´ cell36, Berlin 2015, pics: Biljana Bosnjackvic and Anniken Weber, 3h durational

BLOOD AND BREATH  weekend of performance art berlin 2014, pics: Petrov Ahner and Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith

HEART OF UNITY shrine of Baha´u`allah, Haifa & Acco, Israel 2014 photos by Nadav Yama, 3 days durational

TREE TALKS Lederau, Austria 2006 photos: Markus Schaller

VIDEO-INTERLAY PERFORMANCE as done on transitstation Berlin 2005,Edinburgh 2007 and Watercastel Bad Rappenau 2008

GURJIEFF MOVEMENTS thaught and performed since 1996 internationally, pics: Jörg Reichardt

TIME SIGN Salzburg, Austria 1994 photos: Andrew Phelbs, Erika Schmied, Nan Hoover, 5h durational