I am happy to present my new website.
It is currently under construction

I am delighted to be performing at the Gallery am Tangelberg
https://www.galerie-tanglberg.at/ for the upcoming show of Alfred Kubin.
Opening on the 19th of february 2023 at Schloss Hochhaus
As an admirer of Kubins work, I feel glad about this opportunity
Humans aare strange animals, creating cathedrals and atomic bombs. Engaging ever more manipulative with the elements that surround him and of which he himself is composed.
Out of sheer Creator God megalomania no longer realizing that we are actually intervening in our very own life and that a fascinated perception of creation would be more appropriate than
exhausting all manipulative possibilities.
Yama Kowa approaches this phenomenon in the spirit of the tantric
philosophy of the unity of samsara and nirvana/being and nonbeing and creates a landscape, as if inspired by the tantric "wheel of time", which every six years Tibetan Buddhist form of
colorful sand to depict the whole buddhist cosmology, which is then blown away in an instant by his holiness the Dalai Lama.
As a practicing Buddhist who grew up in a christian culture, Yama Kowa is inspired from both worlds to her performative work.
That the outside world passes through us as food (sympolized by bread and wine as the Messiah´s body in christianity), so is actually not just outside but all our human body, without separation of outside and inside, your and mine, Yama Kowa explores by destroying the worlds she molds three times out of
flour and wine with her naked body