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The Yama Art Retreat is an international artists residency and retreat in a thatched cottage, with garden and sauna,
whose lower floor is a studio for large-scale drawing and painting,Suitable for dance and body work or for illuminating photo and video work.
There is deliberately no internet access here.
Because this kind of retreat wants to be in a time of sensory overload be a space in which the artists above all recognize their innermost individual source and from  this to scoop.


Retreats of all kinds, but above all a long darkness retreat were always crucial for the founder of this residence, Yama Kowa and her artistic path.
she encourages artists who reside here, to plan part of their stay as a darkness retreat and will be happy to give an introductory informative workshop if you are interested
on the subject of Darkness Retreat.
The garden is particularly suitable for artists working in the field opermaculture/sculpture and guerrilla gardening to develop idea and want to try.

But of course it's also a space for meditation and introspection.to let it flow and draw of the innermost source, as said,is  the main concern  of this Artists-Retreat.
The Yama Art Retreat is located in a small village in Schleswig-Holstein Surrounded by nature-protected Eider swamp and moor areas not far from the Unesco natural heritage Wadden Sea (around Büsum) and Germany's most beautiful sandy beach (St. Peter Ording)in the village (Linden) there is an inn, a small farm shop and a historic Viking burial mound.
Not far there is the Albertsdorfer Stone Age- forest and a anthropologically researched Stone Age village

artistic processes, since a publication should appears about once a yearand/or video presentations or lectures of all kinds in the Not Kapelle der Berliner
- The artist residencies should work in depth and therefore at least
last 3 months.
- During this period there is a sporadic exchange about the inner and artistic process of the residency
that presents the artists of the Yama Art retreats, which should also become part of Europe's largest Archiv der Moderne (ADA Archiv der Avant Garde)
- Together it is considered whether there are also actions in public space (e.g. in Berlin) and/or video presentations or lectures of all kinds in the Not Kapelle der Berliner
Nägeli architects at Alexanderplatz Berlin Mitte.
- The running costs of the residency of more than 500,-€ per month are borne by the artist, as well as working material, travel expenses and meals. We are happy to send you a confirmation of the residency to apply for funding.
- Anyone who works in the field of performance can also request an application form from APAB (association of performance artists berlin)
- Applicants should feel related to the orientation and content of the YAMA ART RETREAT and have studied the profile of the residency carefully.
However, they should not apply here with elaborate projects, as it is possible and desirable that a completely new approach is found here. Because the search for the innermost creative source and the advance into the free creative field of possibilities is essential for this residency.

Instead please send:
1. Artistic curriculum vitae (1st page)
2. Notes on previous work or personal working methods (1st page)
3. 3-5 examples of previous work - sketches, photos etc. as PDF
4. Please upload videos only briefly and as a link on any platform.
5. Motivation, inspiration, vision (1st page)
6.  Application Form
to: kowa@barbarakowa.de

Yama Kowa - act.art.out Berlin
Gudrun Sack - Nägeliarchitekten Berlin
Egidio Marzona - ADA archive of the avant-garde Dresden

Former Artists
2020 Sophia Müller (Spain)
Grafikdesign, Illustration, Tattoo
Sophia Müller is a Yoga Instructor and interresed in the development of consciousness and compassion.
During her residency she started to collaborate with a professor for traditional Yoga to work on a book that should deepen the understanding of western Yoga Practicioners.

2021 Óla Wozniak  (Poland)
is a photographer and digital grafic-designer with a great talent for fashion and applied arts. In this field she is focused on individuality and freedom of expression.